Hanami 2022/23


Jacarandá 2022


Cristina Coroleu - Hanami Nocturno


Cristina Coroleu - Paleta


Cristina Coroleu - Hanami Nativo

After five years, Cristina Coroleu formally resumes native Hanami in the City of Buenos Aires, led by Karina Azaretzky, from Historias en Verde.


Filming of the Jacaranda’s Hanami for the NHK -Nippon Hoso Kyokai- (Japanese public radio-television service) year 2014.


Hanami Nativo

Hanami is a Japanese word, which mean “to observe the flowers”, Hana (flower)
minu (lookout, watch). Since the Edo period (1600) the Japanese aristocracy
gathered together in the gardens of Ueno Park, in a refined and elegant ritual.
Even nowadays all around Japan, people gather together and enjoy the Hanamis
Which consists in sitting under the flowered cherry-trees, to dialogue, drink and
eat as the light-pink flower flakes falls from them.
This celebration encloses for the oriental the deepest and poetic reflection, the
ephemera beauty that escapes like petals in the air; and that we should celebrate
every day of our lives with pleasure and recognition.
Inspired by this beautiful Japanese tradition I started to honour our marvellous
native Buenos Aires trees in the year 2008; a tribute of and during their flowering.
This experience permit ourselves live the experience of contemplate the nature
of our city. Every day more people choose to meet this celebrations known as the
Hanami Nativo.

Hanami Video. Filmed by Lautaro Murúa. Clic:





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