It is a multidisciplinary project of artists gathered by the common interest towards the families of trees that create the forests, that natural group currently in critical condition as a result of climate change.
Hundreds of thousands of hectares of trees disappear every year in our planet and deforestation is the third cause of climate change.
The observation, investigation and study in different artistic expressions and with scientific observers has begun with two forests:
One without life, in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, 8000 hectares in the archipelago of the southern end of the Earth.
It is a lenga forest with specimens of up to more than 300 years that burned in 2008.
Another one alive, the Montseny in Catalonia, considered by scientists as the sentinel of climate change in Europe, as it contains the diversity of trees that goes from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia.

Cristina Coroleu
Summer 2018 ©

Cristina Coroleu - Bosques

Montseny, the approach to a forest:

A forest is the question and the answer to our passage on Earth.
The root itself and the sense of rootedness of man since the beginning of time, like the stone, a piece of sky that is unabated for the common eye, a support under the feet that keeps us in a perfect balance while our life here lasts.
Entering the forest is a zig zag of uncertainty such as life and art, a pause, a silence audible as an arrow in the darkness of the night.
The knowledge that before us there was a boar, a small weightless bird on a branch, while a group of clouds passed through the blue sky.
Sinking in the wet beech leaves up to our knees is feeling the time that passes and sustains us and frees us from the space in which we live.
It is like going back to being timeless at any time.
Going up…
Between roots that keep the mountain tied to the becoming of Earth, sand and clay, stones and gravel as small as dots.
Some rock formations as immense as those of the moon that look down to the Earth.
And that corpulent and cold wind that is not afraid to kill you instantly, although it first makes you numb with autumnal beech and chestnut leaves.

Cristina Coroleu
Autumn 2017 at the Montseny 2018 ©

Cristina Coroleu - Bosques