Cristina Coroleu was born in Cordoba, Argentina. She first experiences art as a child when she attended one of the first’s free schools in Argentina. She lived in Amsterdam, where she studied graphic arts all through the years 1978 and 1984.
During the 80’s, back in Argentina, she introduced her work into the water colouring
techniques world at the “Argentine Centre of Japanese Studies”. She obtained the Master in
Since the year 2000 she has dedicated passionately to the Argentinean native flowers. In the year 2007 Cristina created the Samohu Project, which aim is the protection of native flora through the paintings.
After she travelled to Japan in the year 2008, she chose to follow the traditions of that country by organizing the annual celebration of the Hanami Nativo to honour the flowering of the native trees in the City of Buenos Aires.